Founded in 8th April 1994, Sunship Group is a Malaysia- based diversified corporation involved in key growth sectors of shipping, port representation, global logistics, trading, properties, warehousing, car marshalling yard, oil & gas procurement and distribution.

With reputable partnerships with well-established multinationals, the group’s success has gone beyond the shores of its home base.

SDV Transport (M) Sdn Bhd is a joint venture between SDV France and Sunship. Ranked number 1 in France as the leading logistics, SDV is also in the ownership of Shipping Terminals, railways mainly in Africa. The Company has 600 offices in 102 countries. This is Sunship’s international network globally in logistics, chartering and project cargo procurement.

Toyofuji Logistics Malaysia (TFLM) is another joint venture between Sunship and Toyofuji shipping a subsidiary of Toyota Japan. The Company specializes in Car terminals manning two terminals in West Port (for locally made brands and Toyota) and contracted by Toyota Malaysia to manage their Integrated Quality Hub, a 50 acre site in Bukit Raja Klang and Hino in Senawang.

Sunship management team are staff who had over 25 years of loyalty to the company. The immense experience from the qualified employees especially the loyal team is a tremendous asset to the company.

To date, Sunship’s newly built headquarters comes with a 10000sq m warehouse with modern facilities. The company has also added other joint ventures and newly formed subsidiaries to the Group. With a strong foundation, professional management structures and an extensive global network, Sunship Group is poised and driven to respond to the challenges and opportunities that the future has to offer.